A memorial gift in loving memory of Carla Faber– Timothy Murphy (July 2017)

A gift in loving memory of Irene Chapman – Daniel Tetrick (June 2017)

Donations made in memory of Judy Colson, beloved husband of Mike Colson – Roger Weinberg, Lance Shafer, Steve Schmidt, Bill Keith, Renae Scroggins, Steve Snider, Dan Schlichte, Frank Lem and Aspen Automation LLC (June 2017)

A donation in memory of Roger Kalvaitis – Tina Nelson (June 2017)

Memorial contributions in loving memory of Jerry Bowlsby  – Tom and Pat Hunter, Vicki Berberich, Susan Evans, Robert Kading, Cooney’s Beaverdale  (June 2017)

An in memory donation for Shelley Simonton, an incredible woman who loved dogs – Mandy Newton Rosenow (June 2017)

In honor of Kira Norman and her family – Thank you for the wonderful care you took of our little Amy while she was with you. This is our way of apologizing for accidentally taking your leash with us… 🙂  Natasja Schroeder (June 2017)

Donations made in memory of Kari Saunders – Patricia Ciechanowski (May 2017), William & Gae Kroes (June 2017), Bonnie Hunefeld (June 2017)

A donation in honor of Judy Maxfield of Altoona – Tarisa Matsumoto-Maxfield (May 2017)

Many generous gifts in honor of Lauren and Andrew’s wedding!! Best wishes for a long lived marriage! –  Kari Neuman, Dana Boyd, Monica Cohen, Michael Lenoff, Brent Larson, Lisa Mair, Kathryn Pauley, Sean Dawson, Ryan Blum, Janet & Roger Hoyt (May 2017)

A donation in honor of Cassie Tangney – Hilary Stott (May 2017)

A gift in memory of Gladys Bachmann– Laura Shannon (May 2017)

A donation in honor of all of AHeinz57’s homeless dogs – Bloom Iowa (May 2016)

In honor of the cutest little animal lover, Owen Doddridge. Happy 1st Birthday buddy!  – Kelly Skretta (April 2017)

Numerous donations in memory of the life of Douglas Gigstad. He was clearly loved by many. (April 2017)

In memory of the wonderful father of Deanna Spaur, who is now enjoying eternal sunny days surrounded by beautiful angels! – Kimberly Pegg-Zeleznik (April 2017)

In memory donations for Carla Faber beloved mother of Mindy Schmitt, Michele Galloway, Elizabeth Hilgenberg, Tari St. Clair, Kerry Esch, Tom Faber and Peter Faber

*In memory – Meredith Gray, Sandra Willett, Rod & Carla Dougherty, John & Rhonda Marshall, Cynthia Wanamaker, Lori Remetch, Mary & Tom Tays, Ashley Sutton, Martha Lucey, Londa & Dennis Jarnagin, Dorothy Davenport, Dean & Judith Schmitt, Lathisa Booth & Fiona Watson, Gary & Sue Schmitt, Jeannie Sheldon, Shelley Brangeberg, Teri Barney, Debra Quintero, Jeff & Jane Johannesen, Steven & Ginger Stewart, Stephen & Jill Tyler, Laura Leonard, Judy Campbell, Mary Durand, Donald & Debra Laster, Gregory & Vickie Wolfe, Amy Kimberley, Dr. Jerome & Linda Zortman

*In loving memory. Your legacy is living proof of how wonderful of a mother, grandmother and friend you were. Rest in peace – Benn Hamm

*Our thoughts and love go to Carla’s family and friends.  She will be missed – Jerry and Nancy Greenberg
*Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family- Team 1 Nurses and Doctors at KU

A gift to celebrate Braeden Manges‘ birthday – Grant Wilson (April 2017)

A donation for Anita Schlenker – David Plumb (April 2017)

A gift in honor of Hollister and his beloved dog Hooch – Teri Patrick (March 2017)

A donation honoring Devin Brauer – M and R Brauer (February 2017)

A memorial donation for Jane Jensen – Lyleene Lemon (February 2017)

A donation in honor of Ken Tipping – Allen and Renee Hudson (February 2017)

Many generous memorial donations in honor of Bill Rhiner, a strong supporter of our four legged friends.  (February 2017)

A birthday gift in honor of Dale Eklov. Happy Birthday Dad! – Jennifer Marsh (February 2017)

A donation to honor Georgia Potter (February 2017)

A gift in honor of Hayden Baileys birthday – Jarrad and Jennifer Popp – (February 2017)

A heartfelt donation  in honor of Ollie. He was a yellow lab with the biggest heart and the happiest smile. He lived a full, well loved life. His people (Pat, Tracy, Allan, and Joe) miss him, but are glad he is now without pain and suffering. Until we meet again Ollie – we love you. – Candy Bixby (February 2017)

Memorial donations for Gene Small of Dallas Center – Billy, Annabelle, David, DeWayne and Karen White;  Anne Miles;  Shelly Cory (February 2017)

A donation in memory of Beth Van Heuveln – loved by Denise, Bart, and Marisa Heuveln- Grand Avenue Veterinary Hospital (February 2017)

A donation given in memory of our dear friend Ken Anderson – Jeremy Rose (February 2017)

Many memorial donations in memory of Denise Van Heuveln.  She will be missed by many four legged and two legged friends and family and her early departure leaves a sadness in our hearts  –  (February 2017)

In memory of our beloved sister-in-law, Denise Van Heuveln, you have been a blessing to us all and a model of courage, strength and conviction. Get ready for the next challenge, my dear. All dogs go to heaven. You’re going to be busy! – Dawn Harter (February 2017)

A memorial gift in memory of Sofie Sov – Susan Ambroson (February 2017)

This small contribution is to say thank you to you all for the tireless work you do to save and rescue God’s furry loves from the sadness in His world. You give love, you give life, and you give shelter, and you give new homes to each and every soul that passes through your doors. We thank you, too, for our Miss Ellee — without her our lives would not be the same 🙂 Mark and Linda Abendroth (February 2017)

A gift in celebration of Scout’s life and love! – Shirley Andre (February 2017)

Happy 71st birthday to my father, Jon Hrabe! This donation is in his honor!- Alison Hrabe (January 2017)

A memorial gift in memory of Connie Anderson of Clear Lake, IA –  Jacqueline Lowry Hofman (January 2017)

A gift in loving memory of Gidget! Maria Ramirez (January 2017)

Numerous donations in Gloria Ward, she was clearly a light in many lives- (January 2017)

In memory of Gloria Ward who passed Jan 14, 2017 and loved all furry friends- David Stecher (January 2017)

A donation in memory of my Aunt Gloria from her nephew Matt. Love you and miss you Aunt Gloria. – Matthew Ward (January 2017)

In honor of our new puppy Loki (Van Halen) and in memory of our dog Frani. The Cummings (January 2017)

Several donations in memory of Dale Miller Jr.  We have no doubt his entry into Heaven was filled with wagging tails and sloppy kisses – (January 2017)

A donation from Sarah and Eric Grundfast in memory of Dale Miller Jr, who’s love for animals was immensely deep. He loved animals so deeply, he would help in any way to help them find a home. (January 2017)

A donation in honor of Cindy Dengles birthday – Julie Swanson (January 2017)

A gift in memory of Hobbes and a honor donation for Mia and Louie from Charles Hean and Heidi Close (January 2017)

A gift in honor of Molly, Toby and Brea – three healthy Brittanys owned by Mark and Charlene Vukovich (January 2017)

A donation in memory of Zoe, a beloved family member of David and Viviane Kottlowski (January 2017)

Happy Birthday Sara!  A donation has been made in your honor from Mark Odor! (January 2017)

A memorial donation for Aunt Mary Jane, “The Brick Street Lady” of Adel!  Be at peace – Julia Stacy (January 2017)

A memorial donation for Hershey – Mary Radig (December 2016)

A donation in honor of Delilah and Ellouise from your furiend Jasmine – Angela Elings (December 2016)

A donation in memory of Carmen Taylor, by her daughter Reya Immerfall.  She loved dogs so much and would help any animal needing to find a home. (December 2016)

A donation in memory of Lee Johnson – Mary Radig (December 2016)

A donation by Adam and Jessica Barb in memory of Riley, loving dog of Michael and Meaghan Marinovich.  Though this wont bring her back we hope that you take comfort that this donation in her honor will go to help other dogs in need.  (December 2016)

Merry Christmas Anne Sclepphorst!  Marry Ellen Giusto (December 2016)

A donation in honor of the two best dogs I’ve ever met – James and Nash. Merry Christmas!  Sarah Sinclair (December 2016)

A donation from Bailey Mareu – Merry Christmas Dad, Linda and Riley!  (December 2016)

A donation in honor of Andy and Jamie Pratt, in memory of Kash – Jaime Stearns (December 2016)

A donation in honor of Chris and Ian Tucker from Michael Lamb (December 2016)

Happy Holidays! In loving memory of Linda C. Young – The Young Family (December 2016)

Merry Christmas Vinnee Castillo!! – Love Nana Sue (December 2016)

Merry Christmas Eli Carlson!!  – Love Nana Sue (December 2016)

A birthday donation gift in honor of Finley Wood who turned 9 this year – Happy Birthday friend! – Liam Wallace (December 2016)

A donation from Renee Kellogg in honor of Jane Escobar, Tori Tracy and Cathy McAulay (December 2016)

A donation in honor of Greta Stapp – John Anderson (December 2016)

A Merry Christmas donation from canine Creston Pyer who made a donation in honor of his furry friend Rocco Nielsen.  Thanks for spreading the love to those who are still looking for their forever homes Creston (and thanks to his parents Kraig and Laura Pryer).  (December 2016)

An honor donation for Susan Bernard of Mitchelleville. Sheila Aukes (December 2016)

A donation in honor of Cosette Johnson from Debbie and Denny Johnson. (December 2016)

A donation in memory of Maggie – Billie Davidson. (December 2016)

Kendall and Cindy Roberts- a donation in memory of Mojo.  (December 2016)

A donation in honor Finley Weinstein and Montana, the best beagle ever.  Patricia Harrison (December 2016)

Many memorial donations in memory of Albert E. Meek from Timothy and Grace Clair, Karen Hudson, Brent and Rosie Rice, Kayla Dill, Deanna Polson, Alisha Porter, Jesse Avitt, Erin Penny, Amy Bryant, Janell Wanderscheid, Sue Nestvedt, Teri Ross, Amy Schmitt, Tine Fox, Shanan Schweers, Matt Sheppard, Jason Sweeney, Melissa Metcalf, and Micaela Dill.  (November 2016)

Numerous generous donations in memory of Robert Pearson Sr. Clearly he was dearly loved and in his memory many lives will be saved.  Robert Jr and Laurie Pearson and family, Ryan Companies US Inc, Randy and Ashley Stokey, Kevin and Rena Custer, John and Rachel Bassett, Julie and Chris Myers, Robert Maddox III, Tami Silver, Edward and Alice Knoll,  Dennis and Faith Spark, Gary Nichols, Jim and Pam Peters, Carole Schlapkohl, Jame and Colleen Christiansen, Luke and Helen Gruber, Craig and Deborah Cochran, Tug Denotter, Marilyn Pearson, and McCalley Funeral Home. (November 2016)

Many memorial donations in memory of Randy Blevins II – Blane Lewman, Tricia Bergman, (November 2016)

A donation in honor or Dakota, an AHeinz57 alum – Lynn Schnell (November 2016)

Thank you to the family of Jack Fortune  whose memorial donations will help us to save so many homeless dogs in his memory.  A man who loves his dogs is a man with a tender heart.  –  Mitchell Fortune, Michele (Fortune) Ripperger, Jackie (Fortune) Lovell, Jill (Fortune) Goforth.  Additional donations from Robert Reed, George and Judine Westendorf, Joseph and Dawn Willging, Henry and Irma Bokelman, Phyllis and Kathryn Hanna, and Leonard and Yvonne Dhabalt (November 2016)

Many thoughtful donations in memory of Alice Toland who was obviously very loved – Dan, Karla and Tim Mitchell, Charlotte Molendor, Julie Probst and Karen Steggerda. (November 2016)

A donation in memory of Michael Miller, who bravely served and died for our country – Christopher Andersen (November 2016)

Numerous memorial donations for Ila Daly  who was a very strong and faithful woman.  We are sure her entry into heaven was well received.   – Don DeFrancisco and Norma Daly, Linda Farwell, Anne Walford, Steven and Linda Sapp and  Alecia Soda . (November 2016)

A donation on behalf of Genda Szura whose dog Sieger was the proud winner of an online photo contest by Glenda choose AHeinz57 as her rescue of choice for donation!  (November 2016)

A generous donation in honor of Linda Boothe  –  have a wonderful and very Happy Birthday! – Andrew Hemphill (November 2016)

A donation in memory of Molly, loving pet and family member of Grayce, Bryce, Melanie and Jason Hundertmark – Roxann Garrett (November 2016)

A donation in memory of Jed, loving pet and family of member of Ashley, Lene’, Mandy and Andy Couture – Roxann Garrett (November 2016)

Happy Birthday to Cathy MCaulay, we are wishing you a wonderful day! We know how much you love AHeinz57 Rescue so we thought a donation in honor of you and your special day would help make your day bright. Sincerely, Mindy Goldsberry and Jim Ellingson at Coldwell Banker Mid-America Group, Realtors Altoona Office (November 2016)

A donation in memory of Samson, family member to Ted and Michelle Mercer – Carrie Bonnett and Downtown Doggy Daycare (November 2016)

A donation from the Ralph Mitchell memorial fund – from Greg, Sandy and Mitch (a very spoiled AHeinz57 alum) Mitchell (November 2016)

A memorial donation for Molly, loving pet and family member of Grayce, Bryce, Melanie and Jason Hundertmark – Roxann Garrett (October 2016)

In memory of Jed, loving pet and family of member of Ashley, Lene’, Mandy and Andy Couture. A donation was made by Roxann Garrett (October 2016)

A donation in memory of Jack Fortune. Barbara and Michelle Fortune (October 2016)Memorial donations were made to honor the life of Carol Kappel who received love, comfort and companionship from three rescue dogs during her battle with cancer. It was her wish to help us save more – Gary Kappel, Larry and Kathleen Peterson, Richmond and Catherine Haustein. (October 2016)

A donation in honor of Cotton, an American Eskimo that was as cute as he was smart and full of personality.  He was a faithful companion to Nancy Clemenson and will be deeply missed- Selina Witt and Richard Berg (October 2016)

A generous donation in loving memory of Jerry Norsby from his daughter Vicki Gatter (October 2016)

A memorial donation in honor of the life of Jerry Norsby from Patricia Gatter and Susan Robbins (October 2016)

A donation of a spay/neuter for one dog in honor of Ed Sirfus  – Micheleen Maher (October 2016)

A birthday donation in honor of Stevie Overton from his friends John and Linda Matson (October 2016)

A memorial donation in honor of Maxine Furbush – Sonya Ferguson (October 2016)

In loving memory of Alice Toland who passed away on October 13, 2016 in Winterset, Iowa.  A loving mother and grandmother was lost and will be deeply missed. – (October 2016)

A memorial donation in loving memory of Ron Stewart – Heather McKinney (October 2016)

A donation in memory of Sparky, owned by Barb and Shelley Albus – Brad, Steph, and Sookie (October 2016)

A memorial donation in honor of Gary Grant– Rhonda Burkhardt (October 2016)

A donation in honor of Brady’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Brady!  Lacey Giunta (August 2016)

A gift from Lynda Pitts and Family in Honor of Connie Klug’s Special Birthday! (August 2016)