Building For A PAWSitive Future

We Need Your Help to Build a New Facility

AHeinz57 wants a facility that families are eager to visit. We must replace our current small and insufficient adoption area with a new, inviting, and family-friendly place where we can significantly increase adoptions and ensure that forever matches are made. We need a facility that is safe for our dogs, our volunteers and our visitors. A place where new beginnings are made!

Last year, AHeinz57 helped almost 2,000 animals receive the love, attention and medical care they needed. As a result of this important Capital Campaign, we will be able reduce the number of healthy and treatable dogs at risk of euthanasia by increasing our yearly adoptions numbers. 

A new modern facility will allow us to:

  • Increase the number of adoptions. We have averaged a 36% yearly increase since 2008!
  • Prevent disease and illness in the animals in our care.
  • Medically treat the additional animals we save.
  • Be a warm and welcoming place for potential adopters to visit.
  • Reduce stress to the animals so that they are healthier, happier, and more adoptable.
  • Offer education and training to address the root causes of animal abuse, homelessness, and abandonment.
  • Create a pleasant, improved work space for volunteers.
  • Be a community resource center where children and adults are educated to become responsible pet owners.

Thank you for supporting the AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport! Your support in this campaign is the single best investment you can make to ensure that we are able to save more animals than ever dreamed possible!

Where We Are Today

Our current facility is an old vet clinic which had been remodeled through the years to fit our needs. As AHeinz57 has grown and changed, accommodations have been made to try to keep up with increased demands. The current adoption area, medical suite, laundry room, and dog kennels do not have adequate space, disease control, energy efficiency, ventilation or noise control.


Because our kennels to not have outside access, our dogs must be leashed and led outside to access our outside runs. Passing by other dogs with behavioral issues often causes anxiety in some dogs and promotes aggression in others. The outside runs were built many years ago and have outdated chain-link fencing which is constantly in need of repair. Fence lines need to be checked regularly to make sure digging dogs cannot escape. Muddy areas outside make it virtually impossible to keep our inside areas clean.

Our storage area is at the back of the building and requires our volunteers to hand carry shipments of dog food and all donations through the building and several doors. Shelving was built three levels high to provide additional storage but requires access via ladders to obtain regularly needed items.

Adoptions are performed in our cramped office area, often sharing the space with a dog we have no other spot for. An attic area above our office was converted into a loft to allow for more storage however cramped quarters and poor lighting make it difficult to access and utilize. Our building does not provide adequate space for isolation of sick dogs which requires us to take extra precaution when transporting them in and out of the building. The lack of a birthing area that allows for delivery of puppies in disease free conditions requires us to find foster homes for our pregnant mother and their pups.


Parking is limited and cars are often blocked in due to lack of space. Potential adopters visiting our facility have to be asked to move their vehicles when our transport van arrives full of dogs and pups so we can unload. Our three transport vans must be kept outside because we have no garage availability. Transport kennels must be disinfected and dried after each trip to assure conditions are disease free, however with no wash bay volunteers must do this by hand. A local church allows us to use their facilities for volunteer orientation. Any volunteer meetings we host must be scheduled at restaurants or public meeting rooms to accommodate.