Owner Surrender Resources

We are not an open admission shelter.  We understand that there are life circumstances beyond your control that affect your ability to keep your pet.  However, we can not accept all pets because we typically do not have enough space.  One of the main reasons people come to us is because we are a no-kill rescue, so we hope you understand that we do not want to euthanize animals based upon space issues.  


It is always less stressful for your pet to stay in their home until a new home can be found.  Here are some options to help your pet transition without submitting them to the stress of entering the shelter system.

1.   AHeinz57 SOS Program (Solutions to Owner Surrender) You can post your pet in this Facebook group.  There are also tips and resources for helping to solve issues (training, low cost care, help with food) posted on this page.  

2. You can find a new home for your pet thru Rehome by Adopt-A-Pet.


3.  If you think you need to rehome your pet due to financial reasons, maybe we can help you keep your pet!  We can help you with food.  We also provide low cost spay/neuter and vaccination options.  If your pet has bigger medical issues that you can’t afford we might be able to help.  Just email us at business@aheinz57.com with the information about your situation and we will do all we can to help you keep your pet. 

4.  If you still think you need to have your pet enter the shelter system, you can complete the owner surrender form below.  Please send a photo of the animal and current vet records to adopt57@aheinz57.com.

Our team will determine the surrender fee based on the vet care that the animal needs.  

PLEASE NOTE:  This does NOT guarantee that we can take your pet.  AHeinz57 Returns will be handled first.  Again, we do not want to euthanize a dog or cat to make room for your return/surrender, so we appreciate your patience while we find a place for your pet.

We will let you know if we can accept your pet within 72 hours.