Lost & Found

We Can Help!

Recent Lost and Found Dogs are posted on our Facebook Page. Facebook also hosts a Lost Dogs Iowa page.

If you have a lost or found dog you would like posted, please message us on the Facebook page or send us a text along with a photo to 515-333-9040. Don’t forget to check Iowa Pet Alert for lost and found pets in Iowa.


We follow the fee structure set by the Des Moines City Council for animal control fees. This fee structure encourages responsible pet ownership and punishes irresponsible owners with stiffer fines. Because our facility is set up differently from most animal control facilities, we have additional fees for additional vet care that is mandatory in our facility. If your pet is not spayed or neutered, we will alter your pet after a seven (7) day hold and place them up for adoption. If you have your pet spayed/neutered, micro-chipped and rabies vaccinated, you will have the lowest fees possible in the event your animal is ever found “at large.”

Fee Schedule for Reclaiming:

  • $50.00 Impound fee
  • $15.00 Rabies vaccine
  • $15.00 Vaccinations (distemper/parvo/bordetella)
  • $10.00 Frontline
  • $35.00 Heartworm test and one monthly prevention
  • $100.00 Spay fee / $75.00 neuter fee
  • $12.00 Boarding fee per day
  • $40.00 Microchip fee
  • $7.50 Processing fee