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Sampson and Delilah

“Looking for a pair of loving companions? You found us!” Sampson (Sam) and Delilah are a bonded pair looking for a new home after their owner passed away.  This twosome enjoys long walks through the neighborhood and sleeping next to you at night.  They are both calm and get along well with other dogs and children. Delilah can often be found taking a snooze on her back while Sam enjoys carrying his toys wherever he goes.  They will need at least a 6-foot fence as they can get curious about the neighborhood and try to check it out for themselves.  They are learning “sit” and trying to perfect their “please to meet you” (shake), so that they can properly introduce themselves to their new family. The only thing better than one is two. Will you give this loving pair their new home?

If you would like to meet them please fill out our adoption application and one of our coordinators will contact you within 48 hours.