Adoption Process

  1. Fill out the online adoption application. There is NO commitment on your part OR ours. It just tells us you are serious and guarantees we will look at you before callers.
  2. Dogs listed on our site may currently be going through the process of adoption and we therefore cannot guarantee the availability of any listings.
  3. You will be contacted by an adoption coordinator from AHeinz57 as quickly as possible. (Please be patient as we all have regular day jobs.)
  4. A HOME VISIT is mandatory prior to adoption. The goal of the home visit is not only to see where our adoptees will live, but also to give our adopters a chance to know us better! We hope to develop a good relationship with you and to provide breed education before placing your potential new family member. Meeting with everyone in the family facilitates this exchange. Our home checks are not intrusive. The most important thing for us to know is that our animals are going to safe and caring homes and that all members of the family are well informed and prepared for a lifelong commitment with their new companion.
  5. Veterinarian references will be checked for previous and current pets to confirm they have been spayed/neutered and vaccinations are up to date.
  6. Confirmation on pet policies with landlords, home owner associations, mobile home management and city ordinances if appropriate.
  7. FENCES ARE highly recommended for most dogs and most situations. Invisible fences are fine for most dogs. Fence requirements may be set for specific dogs because of their temperament, flight risk, and behaviors. Other considerations would be location of home and the risk of environment where a fence would be an asset.
  8. BULLY BREEDS: Physical fences are highly recommended but other considerations will be made based on the experience of the potential applicants, the temperament of the dog and city ordinances. We will also do background checks on all applicants and their family members/roommates.

*Please note that AHeinz57 does NOT have outdoor dogs for adoption. Our dogs have been acclimated to live in homes with families, the garage doesn’t count. The rare exception where we believe a particular dog would be happiest outdoors does occur. Our mission is always for the best welfare of the dog.

**AHeinz57 retains the right to refuse any potential adopters for any reason.
***AHeinz57 adopts to residents of Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska,South Dakota, Kansas, and Wisconsin.
**** You MUST be at least 21 years old to adopt from AHeinz57.