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Transport Volunteers - This requires one of two things: 1) Ability to drive a cargo van or be a passenger/transport helper; or 2) Some sort of reliable vehicle of your own. Transports usually take about 1-4 hours of time and are typically on a Saturday or Sunday. You are NOT committed to any particular day. You will simply be added to our transport database. You will receive emails each week regarding transports and you can sign up for the part of the transport and time that is convenient for you if you are available that weekend. If not, just delete the email. A copy of your current driver's license and proof of insurance are required.

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Overnight Hosts - We typically need overnight hosts on Saturday nights. Dogs arrive between 6:30 - 9:30 p.m. and rejoin the transport at 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning.

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Temporary Housing - Many times a dog can avoid a lethal shot if they have a rescue to go to, but the rescue won't have a spot for them for one or two weeks.

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Foster Homes - We desperately need foster homes for dogs on death row and relieve the shelters of the burden of euthanizing these precious lives. We need committed volunteers! Requirements: Indoor living space, food, water, and lots of understanding and love. AHeinz57 provides all vet care, but fosters MUST take foster animals to the Adel Vet Clinic unless other arrangements have been made by an officer of AHeinz57.

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The Pit Stop - We need help at our building! It is a fun place to be! It is as close to living in a home for the dogs as we can get. We dont kennel our dogs so they hang out in individual rooms and have their own dog park out back to run and play. We have 4 shifts daily and would like to have at least 2 volunteers per shift. Shifts include cleaning, doing laundry walking, feeding, and playing with dogs. Please note that we value our volunteers and try to create the safest environment possible. Dogs can be unpredictable, especially those that may come from an abused household. Because of this we must insist that no children under the age of 18 be allowed to assist at the Pit Stop. The following volunteer opportunities require at least two Pit Stop shadow shifts with a seasoned volunteer to familiarize you with our policies and procedures.

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 7:30 a.m. (weekends) Noon (weekends) 6:00 p.m. 9:30 p.m.

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 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Additional Pit Stop Duties - See our "More Volunteer Options" page under the volunteer tab to find additional explanations about each job!

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 Building Maintenance and Repair Mowing

Home Visit Team- At AHeinz57 we consider our dogs family and we check each potential dog applicant's home to make sure that their home is suitable for a dog. Home visit volunteers live throughout the state of Iowa and visit applicants homes that live close to them. This position requires volunteers to have an email address, transportation and agree to a sex offender back ground check. You are not committed to any amount and the time can be set around your schedule. If interested in the home visit team,please check which area of Iowa you may be interested in:
 Central Iowa Southern Iowa Eastern Iowa Western Iowa Northern Iowa

Additional Volunteer Opportunities- Find a job to fit your skill and schedule! See our "More Volunteer Options" page under the Volunteer tab to find additional information about each opportunity!

Check all boxes that you would like to help with:
 Foster/Adoptions Verification Team -review and verify vet records for fosters and adoption applicants to ensure shots and records are up-to-date. Fundraising - We need go-getters who like to talk to people! People to go to area businesses and ask for donations (i.e. gift certificates, gift cards, merchandise) along with cash donations. In kind gifts can be used as prizes at our larger events throughout the year. Grant Writing - Each year hundreds of dollars are distributed to non-profit organizations like ours. Grant applications can be completed on line and can be done from your home computer. This position does require good record keeping and writing skills. Dog Trainer- Must be certified.

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