Our Team

Amy Heinz РFounder and Executive Director 

Hi! Thank you for wanting to know us! Dogs have been my passion since I was a child. My goal in life is to work with rescue dogs full-time. I am a certified dog trainer which aids me in helping rescue dogs become more adoptable. The only thing currently stopping me from fully reaching my goals is my mortgage. Therefore, by weekday, I am a paralegal at a bank. By night and weekend, I am the proud human companion to 5 dogs and 5 cats that share my home. We live on a small acreage in Adel, Iowa, where we host many overnight fur guests and foster dogs. Please join me in my mission to save furry lives by helping in one of the following ways: 1) become a foster family 2) become a transport volunteer; or 3) donate time, funds or supplies to our cause.

Board Members

amy Parezo Deb OpenPosition
Amy Heinz
Becky Parezo
Vice President
Deb Elings
Linda Smith

At Large Board Members

Erin Bird OpenPosition
Erin Bird
Board Member at Large
Mark O’Leary
Board Member at Large
Rick Smith
Board Member at Large

Beth Stuck
Board Member at Large
Laura May Chapman
Board Member at Large
Jamie Scott
Board Member at Large

Sheila Tammy OpenPosition
Sheila Cramer
Board Member at Large
Tami Depenning
Board Member at Large
Jerilyn Johnson
Board Member at Large