An Underground Railroad for Dogs & Cats

We receive emails every day from traditional shelters with photos of dogs that are scheduled to be euthanized that week. We also receive numerous requests to take puppies out of shelters because they get sick in shelters. AHeinz57 “pulls” as many dogs from the lists as possible and so do many other no-kill rescues. However, those dogs can only go if they can find a ride. Most of the time, this requires transportation to another state. A transport coordinator blasts out emails to a huge transport network all over the country and volunteers sign up for various legs of the journey.

Three weekends a month, AHeinz57 Pet Rescue & Transport volunteers typically drive dogs in our van from Bethany, MO back to Des Moines, IA where we change drivers and then head up to Clear Lake, IA. Sometimes we take them as far north as Winnipeg, Canada or go as far south as Topeka, KS to pick them up. We have been east to Peoria, IL and west to Omaha, NE.


We need volunteers! You don’t have to commit to anything except receiving emails. Each week you will receive an email about that week’s transport. If you can drive a leg of the journey either in our van or in your own vehicle, you just email back. If you cannot drive that week, just delete the email. No response required.

It’s tons of fun and you get the chance to save 20+ lives while using only 2-4 hours of your day.