Behind the Scenes

Find a Volunteer Program Suited to Meet Your Talents

Puppy Patrol

Love puppies?  We need volunteers to take care of our new mom’s and their puppies.  This would include cleaning, caring for the mom’s and babies, monitor weights.  Additional training is needed for this position.

Cat Patrol

Love cats?  We need help taking care of our resident cats.  Cleaning, feeding and playing with the cats.  Additional training is needed for this position.

Home Visit Team
In order to adopt a dog from AHeinz57, potential adopters must have a home visit completed. Home visits entail a virtual visit of a potential adopter’s home for a tour through the home and checking the yard and fence to make sure it’s a safe environment for that particular dog. Training is available and we have a checklist for you to go through with the potential adopter that will guide you through the home visit. Our home visit team ensures that our dogs are going to the best homes possible.

*Dog Interaction
Socialize and spend quality time with our Pit Stop residents. This gives the dogs much needed human interaction and increases their adoptability.

*Dog Walker
Our dogs at the Pit Stop get to go outside for potty breaks but yearn for human interaction and additional exercise. Dog walking can be done on your schedule but needs to be done during daylight hours and only with an approved leash.

*Building Maintenance and Repair
We have a many general repairs issues we could use help with at the Pit Stop including fence repair, dry wall repair and door repair. This could be done on an “on call” basis that works with your schedule.

At the Pit Stop there are three large fenced runs that allow our dogs to get much needed exercise. We own a riding lawnmower…we just need you! If interested, click here for more mowing FYI’s.

*Kennel Run Clean Up
This volunteer position would be responsible for keeping the kennel runs clean and safe for our furry friends. Doodies (pun intended) would include weekly waste pick up, hole repair and removal of any dangerously chewed toys.

Van Clean Up
A clean disease free van is essential to safe transport. Our van makes weekly trips to pick up and transport homeless dogs and must be cleaned every Sunday. If you like the idea of transports but can’t drive, this is a great way to help with the process.

Vehicle Maintenance and Repair
We need someone to perform regular maintenance and safety checks on our vehicles to ensure they are in good working condition. This could be done as your schedule permits.

We need go-getters who like to talk to people. We need people to go to area businesses and ask for donations (i.e. gift certificates, gift cards, merchandise). These items are needed for prizes to be given away at our annual Ruff Ride, Golf Outing and other smaller events we have throughout the year.

Grant Writing
Each year hundreds of dollars are distributed to non-profit organizations like ours. Grant applications can be completed on line and can be done from your home computer.

*The following volunteer opportunities require at least two Pit Stop shadow shifts with a seasoned volunteer to familiarize you with our policies and procedures.